About Us


We are a brand that specializes in perfumes, it's manufacturing and distribution. We now want to step further into retail and OLGA is the way to do so. We will soon venture into the beauty & cosmetic industry, being one of the few brands to do so in India!


We were originally founded in 1980 in Gujarat, in the milk city of Anand by our late ancestor Ahmed Jan Mohd. who formulated one of the most revolutionized perfumes of his time. Thus began the new dawn of perfume making which has been carried down by future generations!

OLGA is the result of the new generation coming together to create something exciting and fresh! We take pride in making our fragrances from scratch, taking inspiration from the French masters of perfumery. We offer a careful blend of personality in the form of a lavish selection of perfumes, deodorants, and concentrated perfume oils. These individually well-crafted products pledge elegance and trend, maintaining excellence in quality.