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Capturing Global Fragrance, Perfected Locally!

In India, scents are a big deal! From using incense in ceremonies to wearing fragrant garlands at parties, scents have always been a part of our lives! OLGA represents India's scent traditions but adds a global twist. Our fragrances? They're a mix of cultures, taking you on a worldwide scent adventure! OLGA id where tradition meets global perfume fun!

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Experience Opulent Scents Without Straining Your Budget!

Hey there! Guess what? At OLGA, we're all about that luxury without the hefty price tags! Smelling fabulous shouldn't cost a fortune, right? Our speciality is creating top-notch perfumes that shout sophistication and won't empty your wallet. Get set to rock with high-end scents that won't break the bank! Join us at OLGA and elevate your scent game without maxing out your savings!

Our Combos
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  •  Impressed with OLGA's perfumes! The scents are fantastic, and I love that they're affordable without compromising quality. - Tej B.

  • Bought a few for friends and family, and they all loved it! Great variety and excellent value for money. - Godwin G

  • Really pleased with the quality. The scent is long-lasting and unique. Will definitely be buying more! - Aditya V

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Frequently asked questions


Does your product contain alcohol?

Yes, it does but not the edible kind. The alcohol used is strictly for bringing the essences together making the scent last longer upon use (Isopropyl alcohol and De-ionized water) which are commonly used in a wide variety of cosmetics. It will intoxicate you but only in the right way *wink*

How long does the fragrance last?

All our perfumes last for a minimum of 4 hours but it can go up to 7-8 hours as we have a standard as well a premium range of perfumes.

Can we apply it on our skin?

Yes! All our products are skin friendly and we rather encourage our customers to use it on their skin which will make it last longer.

What is the base essence of our products?

All our products are French-based, using notes of French perfume in general.